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Land Layby Inc is a subsidiary of Land Layby Holdings Kenya Ltd, the pioneer of buy now, pay tomorrow land system in frontier markets. Since the year 2014, the parent Company has successfully helped a number of Kenyans living in Australia (Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia), United Kingdom, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Switzerland, amongst other countries to invest back home using our meticulously designed remote investment systems that employ use of Land Options to control as opposed to out rightly own property. Controlling property is the new currency and offers leverage as well as lowers the offshore investment risk considerably. The Company continues to strategically position itself to service the needs of immigrants all over the world while using FinTech developments to incorporate blockchain technology in management of the assignment of these land options. We are committed to establish the business globally and service the migrant community that remits over USD 660B per year to their countries of origin. According to World Bank, this figure is more than threefold the official Aid funds to the developing countries. If channeled efficiently, these remittances can offer stiff competition to the international multi-billion dollar Investment Funds and the developed countries who actively seek to purchase land in Africa and other parts of the developing world for purposes of Capital preservation.

What We Do

We solve land acquisition problems and create opportunities for Kenyans living in US as well as non-citizens with interest in land in Kenya or other countries. The Company assists and facilitates our clients to control land with as little as USD 100 per month for a total of 10 months. Whilst controlling the investments, our systems ensure the land value appreciates delivering equity to the client even before one can decide whether to commit to purchase the block of land. The transactions can be capped with Buy-Back & Money Back guarantee amongst other benefits that include resale assistance, squatter proof guarantee, stamp duty management, safe & secure land title storage and delivery as well as the facilitation of the assignment of these investments at a profit.

Our passion and vision are to empower migrants all over the world to participate in creating value in their motherland, their countries of origin. Our mission is to use FinTech ideas to create a land marketplace with solutions to the 5 commonly encountered hindrances to land investments. We envisage creation of platforms where land can be instantly liquidated by that investor in the Diaspora, who then withdraws the value created instantly through FinTech applications designed by Land LayBy Inc.

Land LayBy Inc is committed to creating land acquisition solutions to the following problems encountered by the Diaspora client undertaking offshore land transactions;

  1. Huge trust gap
  2. Lack of credible networks
  3. Lack of Commitment to deal completion
  4. Geographical Barrier
  5. Squatter Menace

Land Options

Land Layby Inc empowers the investor to use leverage & cost effective products known as Land Options to purchase land in Kenya and other countries. Land Option enable investors to control land with the little available today hence obviates the need for finance. The products are low risk and only require as little as USD 100 per month for 10 months.

Our product grants the buyer a right to buy (but cannot be compelled to buy unless otherwise stated) the land from the seller at a fixed price and defined future date. The buyer hence pays a fee to compel the seller not only to hold the parcel of land for them but also to lock the purchase price.

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Solutions to Land Acquisition Problems

Buy Back Guarantee

The Land Options enables one to work smart and not necessarily hard to achieve a better investment outcome. The process involves payment of a "deposit", or "commitment fee" or "Option fee" whose value increases with time directly proportional to the real value of land being purchased.

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Money Back Guarantee

As soon as one begins the Land Options investment journey, leverage comes into play. The purchase price to be settled at a future date, say 2 years is locked in for that period.

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High Returns

Our clients enjoy very high yields since they only commit funds that are a fraction of the value of land yet entitled to all the equity generated in the absence of bank interests.

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Low Risk

Consider a 1/8 acre block of land with a sale price of USD 4565. The balance can be settled in 2 years if the client pays USD 110 per month for 10 months time only.

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Buyer's Agent

We represent our clients buying offshore land in Africa or other developing countries. Offering such services to our clients living in the USA and who intend to purchase land overseas will protect their interest. We therefore eliminated the risk of our clients losing money to offshore third party vendors.

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What Can I Do With The Product Digital Certificate?

Once Land Options are purchased, option certificate will be issued to the buyer. The buyer can use several strategies discussed below to derive returns

1. Buy -Trade Options Strategy:

Land Options are transferable. Buyers are free to assign/transfer options at a fee greater than what they paid to a third party through the proscribed assignment process.

2. Buy-Hold Strategy:

If one is convinced that Land value will significantly increase, then holding the option(s) to expiry may generate huge equity. For instance, a 3-year Land Option product with a strike price of USD 3510 and option fee of USD 850, requires payment of USD 850 to "Lock-in" the Land price at USD 3510. If at expiry of the option, Land Value is say USD 3858, the option holder has the right to purchase land valued at USD 3858 for only USD 2660 (USD 3510 less the option fee of USD 850).

3. Buy-Hold - Flip Strategy:

As Land option approach expiry, demand for the land option products increases. The option holder can therefore cash in huge profits. If the option holder believes land value will significantly appreciate in they can then market their options privately and transfer to a buyer on Settlement day. Timing is crucial to avoid transacting post expiry which then nullifies the option. Example: 2-year Land Option with a strike price of USD 3510 and option fee of USD 850 requires one to pay USD 850 in order to "Lock-In" the Land price at USD 3510. Since the option holder speculates Land value may appreciate exponentially, they want to hold the option to expiry. Assuming the land value appreciates to USD 3858, the option holder will notify the option writer (Land Layby Inc) intention to transfer ownership just before expiry. If the option holder has a client willing to pay USD 3858 for the land, then up on settlement, Land Layby Inc will receive USD2660 from the current buyer and USD 1198 is transferred to the former option holder. The former option holder will have successfully flipped the Land Option and created equity of USD 348 within the 2 years.

4. Buy-Hold- Buy Back:

Although not guaranteed, in some instances Land Layby Inc may offer to acquire the land options at a premium to the option holder. Premium Plus Members can exercise Buy Back and Money Back guarantees if provided for in the Land Option Contracts

5. Buy-Back Guarantee:

Premium Plus Members enjoy buyback guarantee of up to 12.5% ROI provided the buyback guarantee is exercised no later than 2 months before the Product expires.

6. Money Back Guarantee:

Money back guarantee exercised no later than 2 months before the Product expires ensures all amounts paid by the Premium Plus Member to purchase the Product, less any costs, fees and disbursements, are credited to the client’s account held with us.

Main Products of Land LayBy Inc

Land Option CHANUKA

Chanuka is similar to buying properties off the plan which ordinarily deliver huge savings. Lock-in equity by investing very little while the proposed subdivisions are being processed.

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    Land Option – HAZINA

    Hazina offers land property whose subdivision and title registration is complete.

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